What's RGBi?

RGB intekknikolor (RGBi) is a gallery of paintings created by me, Paweł Pokrywka.

Red, Green and Blue or shortly RGB is a set of the three basic colors used in light-based displays, especially in computer displays. Every picture presented here was created using digital techniques only.

What about intekknikolor?

Well, it is just nicely written version of in technicolor, a label which can be found on some old cartoon movies such as Bugs Bunny. I simply like old-school cartoons — how about you?

8bit+ gallery…

…contains older works. I've created them using Autodesk Animator Pro for DOS, an excellent application in those days.

This tool allowed to use 256 colors only, so these paintings are limited to 8-bit color depth. There is one exception — the image called Grafitti. It was partially created in Photoshop and it was possible to use more colors.

Some of the works are signed with my previous pseudonyms: Alien and 3Try.

24bit gallery

When I returned to painting in 1999/2000 I changed my style. It was caused by the purchase of graphics tablet and the transition to Adobe Photoshop. The combination of Wacom Penpartner tablet with Photoshop in truecolor mode gave much more possibilities than the old Animator and mouse.

Światowid was the first painting created using those new tools. Later on, another works emerged and this is how 24bit gallery came into existence.


Both galleries contain special section for unfinished works. These are paintings which I started some time ago, but, for some reasons, I couldn't finish them.

I've included them, bacause I thought they are still of some value.


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  • for You (yes, You — the person on the other side of this screen) for watching my paintings. I hope you like them.


If you would like to contact me, visit my homepage: www.cryptonix.org.